6 Point Arrow Works

Northern Idaho

Our Arrows

Our wood arrows are made from premium larch. Larch is much stronger than cedar. Arrows are weight matched to 15 grains. 25-110 spine available .  All arrows are made custom to order, please allow 1-3 business days to build. Shafting is available from 365-700 grains (15 grain increments). Full length or cut to length with field points installed. 

Please call to place an order

Economy arrows

$90 a dozen       $50 for 6


All economy arrows are finished with gasket lacquer and crested. They come in red, yellow, orange and blue.  

Hunter Arrows

$110 a dozen    $60 for 6


All Hunter arrows are dip finished with true north gloss finish. They come stained and crested.

Fancy Arrows

$140 a dozen    $80 for 6


All fancy arrows are dip finished with true north high gloss finish. They come stained, crown stained and crested. 

Flu Flu

$ 15 a piece    $72 for 6


Flu Flu’s are finished with gasket lacquer.  They come standard with judos when cut to length. 


$36 a dozen    $275 for 100


Can be cut to length and pointed.

Custom Arrows

$140 a dozen    $80 for 6



About us

We recently bought the business which was Kootenai River Archery at the time. We decided to rename it, and since I am infatuated with wapiti we decided on 6 Point Arrow Works. We buy our own lumber from the local mill and plane the shafts in house. All of our arrows and services are done by my wife Amy, and I.

Economy arrow

We are located at the base of Hall mountain on Spring Hill road.